Spring Has Sprung, Freshen Your Look!

Spring is in the air! It’s already feeling warmer, buds are blooming, the sun is shining, and I’m ready to get my wardrobe ready for the new season. I’m down for curating some new accessories, maybe adding some color- to my hair that is! If your hair is ready for a change and needs a little sprucing up from lackadaisical winter care (“…um, yeah I’m ready for work. I got this beanie on, see? I can totally wear this to the salon; don’t judge me!”) please checkout some  of these ideas!

  1. Easy to maintain spring haircuts at one of my favorite beauty blogs, Into The Gloss.


Spring Hair I

Photo courtesy of Hershesons Salon in London

The creators of this haircut and the 8 other haircuts showcased are Daniel & Luke Hersheson of Hershesons Salon in London. They’re considered the go to salon for “cool girl hair,” and are frequent fixtures at LFW. For some fresh new ideas (who knew that a bowl cut can look so modern? Re-invoking the Dorothy Hamill in the coolest of ways….) give it a look.


2. A new take on color melting! We’ve been super inspired by geodes, and their multicolored beauty. (When I was little, my neighbor and I would crack our own geodes and oooh and awww at the colors while nerding out about rocks. This trend invokes that youthful nostalgia for me because of that memory, and is something I can’t wait to try!) According to Refinery 29‘s Lexy Lebsack: “‘Geode Hair’ Is The L.A. Color Trend You’re About To See Everywhere.”

Cherin Choi’s Amethyst Hair! Check her out @mizzchoi

3. If you want to stick to one main color, you can play around with the many tonalities of “rose gold,” that ever-changing, elusive, shimmering color. Is it quartz pink? Warm, invoking the beautiful pink of Marrakech city streets; the plaster walls, as lovely as the desert at dusk? Or the palest pink, as pale and bright as the Elafonisi beaches in Greece, south of Crete. Only you (and your stylist!) are limited to the color you can conceive of with the minds eye (and Pinterest).

@masmarielisa is rockin’ some beautiful mauve-y rose gold!

You can have a lot of fun switching up your color as it fades out. Check out this article that takes a look at the different types of rose gold based on region

I hope these get you as excited as we are at ONE Salon and Spa about all the possibilities for cut and color for Spring! I’m looking forward to seeing you soon! (Visit our salon site and make an appointment here.)

-Kat Prush