Move over, La Mer. The Doctor is in.

Actually, let me clarify that statement- the Doctor has been in, at least since 1956. That’s when Dr. Michael Babor first developed HY-ÖL, a cleanser that used hydrophilic oils. Focused on harnessing the effectiveness of natural ingredients and developed with scientific precision, Dr. Babor developed Babor to market his products and the brand took off because of it’s sheer effectiveness.

If you wanted something for your skin that is naturally derived, works fast and effectively, and has a luxury spa feel with strong scientific backbone, look no further.

The thing I love about Babor is that you have options, and access to skincare customization that is incredibly unique to you. Because it is a spa line, estheticians can utilize Babor’s products during procedures like Microdermabrasion, ultrasound treatments, and facials. This customization and tailoring available also extends to the line’s at home treatment products, which is great for those who are looking to be put on a regimen as simple or as comprehensive as their time and energy allows. (Some days I’d like to feel like I have enough time for a 9-course skincare beauty routine, but on most days, I’m lucky to have enough time to splash some water on my face and a serum.)

What I’m super excited about are the new products that our Babor rep Andrea came to show us.

Refine Cellular Rebalancing Liquid and Couperose Cream:


You can use these products separate, but together, they’re a powerhouse duo.

The Reblancing Liquid is a facial toner that’s great for all skin types, but especially for those suffering from redness, irritation, and sensitivity. It’s super soothing, and you can use it post microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, waxing, sunburns, cuts, or the general skin freakout. What makes this toner so effective, more so than other toners, is that fact that it has Beta-Glucan, a calming oat extract, and 1.5% Caprylol Glycine, an amino acid that can help reduce sebum production, control the growth of bacteria, is a vehicle for carrying active ingredients deeper into the skin, reduce wrinkles, and provides additional anti-inflammatory benefits by restoring the skin’s protective barrier.

The Couperose Cream also contains Horse Chestnut, just like the serum (below), but with the added benefit of a higher level of moisturization.

Refine Cellular Couperose Dual Solution:

20170223_123114 (2).jpg

Oh, did you say it would be great if you could have a serum that reduced redness and even skin complexion, and also a tinted primer that you can use before your makeup in one easy, portable, dual-ended pump tube? Well, wham bam, alakazam! Here it is, shiny, new, and excellent at making your skin look fantastic! The serum and primer both contain Horse Chestnut, which helps to tones, protects, and constricts blood vessels for anti-inflammatory benefits. If you’re a woman with rosacea, couperose, or a naturally ruddy complexion, this is a great addition to your beauty regimen to help bring evenness, and clarity to your skin. It also helps with moisture balance, since skins with couperose have a tendency to be fairer, and have a dryness due to lower oil production.

ReVersive Anti-Aging Serum:

20170223_113537 (2).jpg

Telovitin, Agicyl, and Lumicol. Sirtuins. What are these things? Why are they important to my skin? Let me, for a moment, nerd a bit. Sirtuins are “silent information regulators,” a family of enzymes linked to cell longevity. (If you like, check out Enhancing Cell Longevity to feel smart and know more about skin function.) They help cells live longer, and thrive better, under attack from environmental stress. This serum helps skin across the board by helping re-verse and prevent the signs of photo-aging using their patented Telovitin, while Agicyl helps with collagen fiber breakdown, oxidative damage, and helps skin retain elasticity. Skin is also left with a luminosity from Lumicol which enhances the skins radiance, and the fragrance is a light rose. I’m in heaven. The texture, though described as rich, is not heavy at all, and instantly absorbs into my skin. I’m smitten, and my skin is glowy. I’m adding this into my preventative night routine and beauty arsenal. (I’m 28, and old enough to know that early prevention is the easiest way to save me thousands of dollars in expensive facial surgery. I’m taking the serum.)

Active Night Ampoule:

Active Night Fluid


If you wanted something instantaneous, and looks like you slept for 8 hours even when you didn’t, this precious fluid is the bees knees. Easy to use, and pre-measured out for you, break open one of these little vials, and bring on the glow. Black willow, black algae, and black truffle activate cell metabolism, combat environmental aggressors, and counteract signs of aging. This plumps up aged, tired skin. This is even great to use in your mid-twenties, right when you begin to see the whispers of potential wrinkles as a preventative measure. I tried this and I am completely hooked! This is great for those late nights spent blogging, doing laundry, and fitting in whatever else I couldn’t get done during the day, when I know I have to look super fresh the next morning. It is a lazy girl’s dream come true! (It also feels super fancy and luxurious breaking open the vial!)

So, get excited folks! Skincare just got a whole lot more effective, with Babor providing a targeted range of anti-inflammatory products for folks battling rosacea, couperose, and skin sensitivity, as well as age defying products that will get you on your way to better skin. Come in and let one of our estheticians Jad, Krista, or Michele take a look at your skin and guide you to a regimen most suited for your skin type, just in time for Spring and Summer.

Love your skin!

-By Kat Prush