Je t’aime en chocolat….

I feel like it’s super fancy if I say it in French! Sometimes I have moments when I feel I’m lacking that je n’ais c’est quoi. I may have perfect hair, perfect nails, perfect skin..(um, yeah right, let’s get real girlfriend…) but what could be missing from my life? Oh, I know! Duh, it’s chocolate!! Celebrate this upcoming Valentine’s Day in the most decadent way with a lovely chocolate tablet from chocolatier Matthew Schreiner, creator and founder of Barcacaochocolat in Naperville, Illinois.

How would I describe Barcacaochocolate in 3 words?

Boutique. Luxury. Modern.

Inspired by British fashion and art, barcacaochocolat was founded in 2016 in Greater Chicago by former London-based chocolatier and pastry chef Matthew Schreiner to create a new style of artisanal chocolate. Using only single-origin criollo cacao from northwest Peru and sustainably sourced ingredients, barcacaochocolat produces handcrafted tablets and drinking chocolates whilst offering a bespoke chocolate program to suit the needs of any client for any occasion.

“All of our chocolate is certified non-GMO using organic milk from Cayambe and organic cane sugar from Pacto in Ecuador; our cacao is 100% single-origin criollo from Piura in northwest Peru. All off our hand-crafted chocolate is produced in Naperville using all natural ingredients.”- Matthew Schreiner



The products range from your safe bets like Almond, Raspberry, and Strawberry, perfect for your mother-in-law, to more interesting flavors like Yuzu and Passionfruit for your foodie friend. There’s even Au (remember the periodic table?) which is an insanely pretty 24 carat gold leaf bar of pure unadulterated luxuriousness (third bar from the left). I would pair that bar with some Elixir Ultime from Kérastase. Gold-on-gold-on-gold.

Elixir Ultime Bain Elixir Ultime par Kérastase
(Also, please only buy Kerastase from a reputable luxury salon retailer. No, Amazon doesn’t count. I can’t guarantee you didn’t just by Suave for $25 bucks from that shady seller in Hoboken…)


And for those who can’t make up their mind, like me, and preferably would like something with a bit of everything, there’s an Aleppo pepper bar, spicy, dark, with a little kick of salt. And if you don’t know where Aleppo is, neither did Gary Johnson. (It’s okay hon, we’re human…) At least Matthew Schreiner, the chocolatier, can tell you with confidence.


Here at ONE, we strive to bring you an elevated experience with every service we provide and we’d love for you to come by and experience chocolate like you’ve never before. The Barcacao team will be here February 10th from 10am-5pm. Feel free to ask them any questions, including gift ideas for your sweetie, your mom, your best friend, or maybe your brother’s girlfriend (who’s close enough now to at least buy a Valentine for). Oh yes, and buy something for yourself, of course.

-by Kat Prush