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Restless thoughts eating away at you while you lie awake in bed? Can’t seem to get comfortable, and wind up tossing and turning until your alarm goes off, then hit the snooze button repeatedly? Doesn’t sound like you? Well, ignore everything else on this page, and congratulations on achieving a peaceful sleep. If, however, you are like the majority of people, including myself, that have trouble sleeping, you can actually turn to some helpful yoga practices that can get you on your way to feeling and sleeping better.

OS&S stylist Cindy Baranoski, who has been doing hair since 1977, is trained in Ayurveda, Primordial Sound Meditation, yoga twice, and restorative yoga (and has a master’s in Nutrition and specializes in children with special needs to boot- an amazing lady!) has suggested to me two sites that can aid me in my quest to getting some uninterrupted shut eye.

The first site is on  3 Yoga postures for better sleep

What’s their thinking behind why these poses lead to better sleep?

“These poses are designed to unwind knots in the body and tone your somatic nervous system and calm your autonomic nervous system—all important elements of a good night’s sleep.” -Sian Gordon, contributing writer on

Sweet! Easy poses, I don’t feel like a pretzel, and they don’t take very long to do at all.

The second site is on The Mind-Body Benefits of Pranayama, and supports breathing as an excellent way to relax before bed. What happen’s when you’re super stressed out? Your body becomes spiked with cortisol and epinephrine- two essential hormones to get you moving if you’re in danger. It’s not very healthy for the body to be in a constant state of flight, neurologically speaking, but the good thing is, it can be reversed:

“With deep breathing, you can reverse these symptoms instantly and create a sense of calm in your mind and body. When you breathe deeply and slowly, you activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which reverses the stress response in your body. Deep breathing stimulates the main nerve in the parasympathetic nervous system—the vagus nerve—slowing down your heart rate, lowering your blood pressure, and calming your body and mind.” -Sheila Patel, M.D

So there you have it! Tension in the body can definitely to tension in the mind. Another good reason to schedule an appointment for a massage before you start these yoga poses, and hit that restlessness with a double dose of relaxation! The holidays are over, so it’s time to have a little bit more you time and get back to feeling good! Schedule that massage and facial ASAP…. And if you have any questions regarding the articles I mentioned, feel free to comment below, or contact us! Now get some rest!


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Here’s our lovely Cindy, looking very enlightened!!