New from Bumble and Bumble: Surf Foam Spray

All images and video courtesy of Bumble and Bumble
In addition to the modern take on classic haircuts this spring (check out Top 5 Hairstyles for Spring on Refinery29) there’s a new way to wear these styles. I call it the “undone/messy/I just rolled out of bed” style, which is, according to the fashion world, now fully acceptable and appropriate to wear at school/the office/a gala, etc.
This season, it’s all about messy texture. Think: beachy waves with free, beautiful movement. It’s a wonderful time for your hair, because now we have products that do a great job of helping to embrace your natural curl, kink, wave.
Straight haired folks, don’t fear! These products will also add some separation to your otherwise super slick, stick straight hair. One little trick I suggest is do 2 loose braids before bed, twist them up, and pin them. As you sleep, your hair will dry smoothly in the braids, giving you some slight wave action. The hair should look undone, slightly gritty, like 2nd or 3rd day hair.
B02N_250x430Bb surf spray (gritty matte texture) : this is great for all hair types! It gives texture and separation for those with medium and coarse hair types, and gives insane volume to those with finer hair
b24f01_250x430Bb surf infusion (soft, touchable textured waves): perfect for a softer look with shine, and for those who need a little tlc with a tropical oil blend (Coconut Oil; Mango Seed Oil; Passion Fruit Oil; Palm Oil)
B2A601_250x430Bb surf foam spray (for heat styling): If you feel like blow drying your hair, don’t fret! You can still get that perfectly textured blowout without looking overly done. This gives you the most volume out of all of the Surf products, and my favorite to use for that bodacious Bardot look.
How I’d use this at home in three easy-peasy sections:

Always start with a pre-styler, such as

Bb Prep or Tonic. This will ensure that your hair is in optimal condition before styling, and will also help with the longevity of your blow dry. Spray Bb Surf Foam Spray throughout your hair from roots to ends in large sections, then rake through with your fingers.

Section out your bottom section ear to ear at the nape, then round brush blowdry and twist as you undo your hair from around the barrel of your brush
Do a second section from temple to temple
Roundbrush the top section in 3 sections from the crown to the front of your hairline
And your done! (Check out the Polished Tidal Waves with Surf Foam Spray video on how to do this at home.)